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  • UnitBirwelco IISP Thermal Equipment | UnitBirwelco

    UnitBirwelco IISP Thermal Equipment Private Limited UnitBirwelco Thermal Equipment is our first international location, based in Noida, India. Elevate your projects to new heights with UnitBirwelco IISP Thermal Equipment Private Limited! Our joint venture is a powerhouse poised to redefine the engineering and fabrication landscape from our cutting-edge facility in India. This is more than a partnership – it's a promise of excellence. ​ Drawing on the collective expertise of both parties, we're excited to pioneer a new era of innovation in collaboration with IISP. UnitBirwelco IISP Thermal Equipment Private Ltd is your gateway to specialized design mastery, encompassing flares, heaters, heat exchangers, boilers, and a suite of thermal equipment tailored exclusively for your project. ​ What sets us apart? Our strategic utilisation of a state-of-the-art manufacturing hub in India, strategically positioned to cater to the dynamic needs of our global clientele operating within the region. From concept to reality, we're here to make your projects shine. Contact Us Address A110 , Second Floor , Sector 136 Noida. Uttar Pradesh Contact Opening Hours Mon - Sat 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Sunday CLOSED

  • POWER GENERATION | UnitBirwelco

    POWER GENERATION Experience the excellence of UnitBirwelco's dedicated Boiler & Superheater division! Unlock a world of comprehensive services tailored to your needs. From headers and economisers to tubing, panels, and manifolds, we've got you covered. Our team specialises in seamless repair and replacement solutions. Elevate your boiler and superheater experience with us today. 在UnitBirwelco,我們致力於最高質量控制標準,並努力成為行業的佼佼者。這項承諾涵蓋了我們從製造和製造到設計和管理系統的所有運營。 通過始終如一地達到最高標準,我們旨在超越客戶的期望和法規要求,並在安全的工作環境中提供世界一流的客戶服務。 在UnitBirwelco,我們致力於最高質量控制標準,並努力成為行業的佼佼者。這項承諾涵蓋了我們從製造和製造到設計和管理系統的所有運營。 通過始終如一地達到最高標準,我們旨在超越客戶的期望和法規要求,並在安全的工作環境中提供世界一流的客戶服務。 Address Unit Superheater Engineering, Unit House, Elba Crescent, Swansea, SA1 8QE Phone +44 (0) 1792 654091 Email Connect

  • UnitBirwelco manufacture hydrogen boiler | UnitBirwelco

    UnitBirwelco宣布成為Jericho Energy Ventures的製氫鍋爐製造合作夥伴 UnitBirwelco Limited很高興能與Jericho Energy Ventures 及其全資子公司Hydrogen Technologies Inc. 合作,為他們的cleanH2steam DCCTM鍋爐提供工程支持,採購,製造和製造。 “ UnitBirwelco在製造熱力設備方面的長期和受人尊敬的專業知識使我們在選擇它們來生產我們最初的cleanH2steam DCC鍋爐時感到非常安慰。他們在HTI專注於許多相同行業的全球範圍內完成了高度工程化和技術挑戰性項目JEV首席執行官Brian Williamson表示:“我們秉承對安全,最高質量標準和環境的承諾,共同享有相同的基本價值。” UnitBirwelco的首席執行官Cy Wilkinson表示:“在製定了可持續發展的長期戰略並實現碳負排放地位後,UnitBirwelco Limited很高興與Jericho Energy Ventures合作,為其提供相關的工程支持,採購,製造和製造cleanH2steam DCC™鍋爐UnitBirwelco在鍋爐,熱交換器和熱力設備方面的經驗與該項目完美契合,這是我們全球合作的第一步。傑里科在收購HTI方面的創新願望表明了其在清潔能源領域的領導地位-我們很高興能夠加入我們所期待的持久聯盟。” HTl的進入市場戰略旨在使近300億美元的工業和工業供熱部門脫碳,並建立製造合作夥伴是成功擴大業務規模以滿足對氫基鍋爐解決方案不斷增長的需求的第一步。 作為致力於清潔能源的碳負離子公司,我們很高興能成為這項事業的一部分,並展望未來。

  • Engineering | UnitBirwelco

    我們是誰 UnitBirwelco集團由位於英國的三個戰略性部門組成-Birwelco,單元過熱器工程以及單元工程師和構造師。 我們專注於火炬,加熱器,鍋爐,熱交換器,儲罐,無損檢測,設計,工程,採購,周轉,關機和現場維護活動。 我們在石油和天然氣,電力,化工和石化,製藥,能源,氫和廢物轉化為能源領域開展業務。 Reliable We are a full service supplier with point - to - point communication like never before. Experienced With over 100 years operating in our industry, our knowledge and experience can aid any project. QUALITY We are committed to the highest standards of quality control, and are fully certified in order to deliver a world class service. Carbon negative A carbon negative company since 2020 - working with us will improve your own carbon reduction goals 3 英國的位置 3 加工車間 100 + 多年經驗 Contact Unit House, Elba Business Park, Elba Crescent, Swansea, SA1 8QE 01792 654 091 First Name Last Name Email Message Thanks for submitting! Send

  • OUR TEAM | UnitBirwelco

    我們的人 Dedication. Expertise. Passion. UEC General Manager Dave McIntyre Mail Birwelco General Manager Dave Ashby Mail USE General Manager Steve Foligno Mail MD of UB IISP Vijay Singh Mail Sales Manager Mike Wray Mail Quality and IS Manager Lee Dixon Mail CEO Cy Wilkinson Mail Finance Director Andrew Williams Mail HR & IT Manager Sophie Grinter Mail Head of Marketing Lois Williams Mail Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly. Email Subject Your message Send Thanks for submitting!

  • R&D and apprentices | UnitBirwelco

    伯維爾科大學進入大學 研發數據並招募16名學徒 專業的熱力技術集團UnitBirwelco Limited已與兩所英國大學達成互惠協議,提供有限數量的“兩年制”大學研究生工程師職位,以換取對新的可再生能源技術進行研究的機會。此舉是在與斯旺西和伯明翰的大學進行密切而持續的合作之後進行的。 作為對培訓和發展新一代工程師的承諾的一部分,該集團還招募了16名學徒,遍及英國的所有三個工廠。 UnitBirwelco首席執行官Cy Wilkinson在評論該計劃時說:“我們認為,英國的大學有時是一種未充分利用的資源,尤其是在研發方面,預算可以為小型企業帶來巨大的支出。通過與這兩所傑出大學的聯繫,我們不僅將從氫生產等領域的最新研究中受益,而且還將在該國工廠中擁有一些該國最聰明的人才。另一方面,畢業生將受益於將他們的研究帶出實驗室,並將其應用於日常的商業環境中。” 研究生項目工程師喬·摩根(Joe Morgan)在評價該計劃時說:“我相信,許多公司都缺少與學術界合作進行研發項目以進行擴展的可能性。這是將研究帶出教室並與具有類似想法的公司如UnitBirwelco一起投入實際使用的絕佳機會。在個人層面上,在適當的商業環境中使用我的大學工作和知識是很有意義的。” Cy Wilkinson補充說:“我們的學徒計劃反映了公司的信念,即只要他們經過適當的培訓,學徒就是未來–集團的許多高級管理人員(包括我)都是以此方式開始職業的。工業界對合格的工程師大聲疾呼。”

  • CMT Weld Overlay | UnitBirwelco

    CMT Boiler tube weld overlay Unit Superheater Engineering supply weld overlaid boiler tube, supplying to the energy from waste, biomass, and fossil fuelled power industry within the UK and Europe. ​ Unit Superheater utilise the Cold Metal Transfer welding technology , delivering an automated and controlled application of weld overlay cladding to standard base tube. ​ Alloy 625 (ErNiCrMo-3) has successfully been used to significantly extend the life of boiler tubes in highly corrosive environments such as energy-from-waste boilers for many years, and continues to be the material of choice to combat most fireside corrosion issues. ​ Advances in the search for superior performance alloys to challenge the most aggressive superheater corrosion, have resulted in Alloy 686 being selected by several of the latest generation of Energy from Waste plants. ​ Advanced welding system architecture, ensure repeatable quality, and a high integrity weld overlay, with ultra low weld chemistry dilution. ​ The weld overlay application encompasses the full range of typical boiler tube sizes 38 mm – 76.1 mm, but with the enhanced capability for large diameters up to 220 mm diameter for header and collector bodies, and < 38 mm for specialised superheater applications. CMT weld overlaid tube combines the economics and strength of a carbon or low alloy steel base tube material, with a NiCrMo weld overlay layer in a range of materials. CMT weld overlaid tube is a high integrity pressure part component, with controlled weld chemistry and ductility, and is suitable for cold and hot finish bending. ​ Material combinations of base tube and weld overlay alloy can be tailored to suit specific corrosion and erosion conditions, and pressure part design requirements. High temperature fireside corrosion in boilers is a complex process, many factors contribute to tube degradation, and alloy selection is critical to providing the optimum solution that balances reliability and economics. ​ Consistent and uniform, the CMT process delivers an ultra-low dilution weld overlay of assured repeatable quality. ​ The standard process applies a single layer of a minimum thickness 2.0 mm. Increased thickness can be achieved in either single or double layer to meet customer bespoke specifications. Applications include: ​ Water wall inserts & fabricated tube panels ​ Replacement superheaters ​ Replacement superheater bends ​ Screen wall tubes ​ Burner, sootblower, & door aperture tubes ​ Headers and collectors Want to know more? Talk to a member of the team - Email Phone See it in action...

  • CONSTRUCTION | UnitBirwelco

    查詢 我們隨時準備處理新項目,並幫助您提升業務。保持聯繫,開始聊天。 發送詢問 下載我們的手冊 建造 UnitBirwelco為新建,改建和翻新提供廣泛的內部機械建造專業知識。 無論項目規模大小,還是單學科或多學科工作範圍,我們對創新設計解決方案,質量和性能跟踪以及HSE和零事故策略的關注都能帶來明顯的效率,節省成本並減輕已知和不可預見的風險。 我們的項目經理,工程師和施工專業人員為客戶提供了一個綜合的團隊,這些團隊具有廣泛的技能基礎,但目標是共同的。 UnitBirwelco的業務遍及石油,天然氣,過程,電力和製藥行業,通常在要求苛刻的期限內交付複雜而具有挑戰性的建築項目。 每年進行的項目包括多達一百萬個直接工時。 “我們在緊迫的期限內交付了複雜而具有挑戰性的建築項目,具有精確性”

  • MAINTENANCE | UnitBirwelco

    查詢 我們隨時準備處理新項目,並幫助您提升業務。保持聯繫,開始聊天。 發送詢問 下載我們的手冊 維護 “我們是英國唯一的工程採購和建築管理承包商之一” UnitBirwelco為日常維護和周轉事件提供了經驗豐富的內部維護資源。 這項全面的服務包括: 完整的預計劃和工作範圍定義 完整的項目執行和區域管理,包括分包商控制 內部殼管式熱交換器束的拉拔和重建 在周轉期間,可即時獲得加熱器並進行工程改造和設計服務,以進行加熱器改造和意料之外的工作範圍 訪問經驗豐富的人員的綜合數據庫,包括手工藝監督和項目控制資源 備件支持服務 儲罐維修選項 我們的維護和翻新服務擴展到廣泛的工廠和設備: PSV / PV2,CV,交換器,滾筒,塔架,容器,翅片風扇,燃燒式加熱器,閥門和管道 拆卸和安裝所有類型的閥門 交換器的從站到站的大修,包括測試 打開塔和鼓進行內部檢查 加熱器的重新連接 管道的製造和安裝 檢查和重新連接翅片風扇 儲罐的修理和改裝

  • Services | UnitBirwelco

    Services Browse our available services offered - should you require more specific information, please contact one of our three divisions. If you want to view our products, please visit this page. Produced water treatment CMT Weld Overlay Specialist Inspection Maintenance NDT Engineering Procurement Construction Project Management Manufactuing Fabrication Bundle Pulling On Site Repairs Plastic Welding Pipework & Mechanical Installation Produced water treatment CMT Weld Overlay Specialist Inspection Maintenance NDT Engineering Procurement Construction Project Management Manufactuing Fabrication Bundle Pulling On Site Repairs Plastic Welding Pipework & Mechanical Installation

  • Unit Engineers and Constructors | UnitBirwelco

    Unit Engineers and Constructors UEC brings together fabrication, mechanical construction and maintenance expertise with specialist engineering services. Nestled in Humberside, UECL stands as a beacon of expertise when it comes to shutdowns, site operations, maintenance, and comprehensive overhauls. In addition to our mastery in these areas, we proudly house a dedicated specialised tank division and boast an expansive fabrication shop. ​ Our extensive experience shines through our seamless collaboration with major clients, both on-site and through our in-house manufacturing facility. With a proven track record, UECL is your trusted partner for all your industrial needs. Examples of previous work Tank Cleaning Contact Us Address Lancaster Approach, North Killingholme, Immingham, DN40 3JZ Contact 01469 540 478 Opening Hours Mon - Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Weekend CLOSED

  • REGISTRATIONS | UnitBirwelco

    REGISTRATIONS EPIM JQS EPIM JQS is a supplier register and a service for qualification used by purchasers in the Norwegian oil and gas sector. It manages supplier information and risk in the supply chain, and enables efficient purchasing in accordance with EU regulations, covering most procurement needs. SupplHi SupplHi is the Vendor Management SaaS for industrial equipment and services chosen by the most demanding buyer organizations of all sizes to manage their vendor base efficiently and compliantly. ISNetworld ISNetworld is an online contractor and supplier management platform of data-driven products and services that help manage risk and strengthen relationships. It helps reduce unnecessary duplication associated with traditional qualification processes. Achilles Connecting buyers and suppliers, streamlining procurement and raising standards. ConCom The Humber Contractor Competency Forum was formed in 1999 by a group of collaborating clients and supporting contractors to establish and develop high standards of competency for companies and their employees working on the Humber Bank process industry sites. Avetta Avetta help Clients and their Suppliers manage supply chain safety, sustainability, and risk UVDB Achilles operates the prestigious Utilities Vendor Database Service (UVDB), used by leading UK utilities companies. Achilles UVDB accreditation entitles businesses to pre-qualify, using one questionnaire to market themselves across the whole industry. By achieving Achilles UVDB qualification, businesses can connect with the top utilities organisations.

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